Two and a half years after writing my first (ever) blog on Reset, with the world in the grip of the Coronavirus pandemic, my mind has turned to another type of reset.  I find myself in need of a new perspective, not necessarily a new goal or vision.  A new way of seeing familiar things.  A new way of shuffling elements to form a fresh picture.

I thought you might need this too, so I have compiled several ideas on ways you can do your own shuffle along with me.


Spritz Up Your Practice Space

Repurpose Your Exercises

Reinvent Your Song Learning

Shake Up Your Practice Routine

Tell New Stories


Reboot Your Self-Talk

Restock Your Gig Bag

Practice Adrenaline Management


Check-in With Your Vocal Instrument

Find New Ways to Hydrate

Revise Your Response to Mucus

Revisit Your Medical Conditions & Treatments

Pay Attention to Your Mental Health

If you have been ignoring the signs that your mental health and wellbeing is less vibrant than usual:

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Photo by Amanda Jones on Unsplash

Titze, I. R. & Verdolini-Abbott, K.  (2012).  Vocology: The Science and Practice of Voice Habilitation.  National Center for Voice & Speech, Utah


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