At Glengrove Studio, there is no greater joy than meeting every singer where they are at and collaborating to bring vitality to their singing and speaking. Singers of any age, physical ability, neurodiversity, gender, sexuality and cultural background are welcomed, heard and encouraged. 

A passion for sharing information that transforms learning and performing experiences is shared through one-to-one sessions, blogs, social media content, online courses and e-books. In this way, there is a bridging of the gap between scientific research, industry expectations, and personal experience. 

What you will find at Glengrove Studio:

  • Compassion, respect and confidentiality
  • Holistic tuition based on scientific and musicological research, alongside the trends of the performing arts industry
  • Tuition customised to your individual musical preferences, vocal/medical needs and learning style
  • Gentle encouragement towards appropriate goals or outcomes
  • Exposure to contemporary music genres
  • Specialisation in music theatre and pop/rock pedagogy and performance
  • Flexible attendance and payment options

What you won’t find at Glengrove Studio:

  • Lessons teaching you how to sound like a particular singer
  • Karaoke sessions where you sing without development
  • Classical/operatic voice tuition

Some examples of goals regularly achieved at Glengrove Studio:

  • Beginner singing technique
  • Audition preparation
  • Performance confidence to speak or sing in public
  • Rehabilitation following vocal damage or disorder
  • Health and wellbeing via music therapy

Having someone who genuinely cares and has a passion for music and teaching is such a gift not only to my life but to my journey as a musician.

Ruby Larsen, Full-time Student

About Sharon Tree

The only thing greater than my passion for music is my love for facilitating transformative experiences in people’s lives…unearthing their God-given treasures of creativity, vocal freedom and confidence. Those “a-ha” moments never grow old! Sharon Tree

I have lived and breathed music since at least the age of five, although an enthusiasm for dancing to rock and pop music began around age three!  

The recorder band and school choir in early primary school were quickly followed by flute and then piano lessons. High school years were full of bands, choirs, musicals, concerts, an obsession with Countdown and creating mix-tapes. I pursued my passion through tertiary study at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, Griffith University, majoring in piano and including classical voice and guitar studies. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Music) which turned out to be just the beginning, as thirteen years later I returned to the Con to pursue postgraduate study, specialising in the teaching of singing.  After moving to Canberra in 2005, I started a small business as a piano and vocal tutor. This has grown to focus on the teaching of singing exclusively, with an emphasis on contemporary genres and musical theatre. 

I have now begun to learn the drums as my current music hobby. It is good for teachers to always be students.

  • Graduate Certificate of Music Studies (2004, Qld Conservatorium)
  • Granted Griffith Award for Academic Excellence 2004
  • Bachelor of Arts (Music) (1991, Qld Conservatorium)
  • AMEB Exams: Piano 7th Grade, Flute 6th Grade, Theory 5th Grade
  • Vocal Health First Aid (Vocal Health Education, 2021)
  • Mental Health First Aid (Mental Health First Aid, Australia, 2021
  • Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing (ANATS)
  • Australian Voice Association (AVA)
  • Vocal Health Education
  • Since 2007 - coaching of lead, featured and ensemble cast members of Canberra community theatre companies; and named role performers of interstate musical theatre professionals
  • 2019 - pit singer for The Producers (Dramatic Productions)
  • 2016 – keyboard in orchestra for Wicked (Free Rain Theatre Company) at Canberra Theatre.
  • 2015 - Assistant Director/Vocal Coach Jesus Christ Superstar (Pee Wee Productions) at AIS Arena.
  • 2015 – Keyboard in orchestra for Jesus Christ Superstar (Pee Wee Productions) at AIS Arena.
  • 2014 - Musical Director for Sunset Boulevard (Queanbeyan City Council) at The Q.
  • 2014 - keyboard in orchestra for Legally Blonde (Free Rain Theatre Company) at ANU Arts Centre.
  • 2013 - Reed 1 in orchestra for Phantom of the Opera (Free Rain Theatre Company) at Canberra Theatre.
  • 2012 - Musical Director for Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds (Supa Productions) at ANU Arts Centre.
  • 2012 - Vocal Coach and Flautist for Peter Pan (Brindabella Christian College) at Gungahlin College Theatre.
  • 2011 - CAT Award for Best Musical Director for Blood Brothers.
  • 2011 & 2012 - Musical Director - Blood Brothers (Queanbeyan City Council) at The Q.
  • 2010 - vocal coach and flautist for Beauty & the Beast (Brindabella Christian College) at Hawker College Theatre.
  • 1989-91 - soprano with the Qld Pops Orchestra Singers under Colin Harper.
  • 1984-1988 - ensemble and lead roles in Wynnum SHS musicals and variety concerts.
  • Contemporary Singing and Performing (since 2003)
  • Performance Coaching (since 2011)
  • Musicianship and Theory (since 2003)
  • Theatre Examinations (since 2014)
  • Piano (1985-2008)
  • 2013-2017 – co-founder and Director of One Voice Community Choir, Weston Creek.
  • 1999-2005 - worship leader and team member, Gateway Baptist Church.
  • 1997-1999 - Creative Arts Director, SouthGate Wesleyan Methodist Church.
  • Vocal soloist for church, weddings, professional duo, community events.
  • Keyboardist/pianist in bands for church, weddings, parties, concerts and the like.
  • Piano accompanist for vocal ensembles, vocal and instrumental soloists, in examination, competition and performance situations.
  • Choral and instrumental conducting.
  • Choral and concert band performances in high school and during tertiary study.
  • Tree, S. (2004). Performance Anxiety: What causes the singer to ‘choke’ and how to overcome such problems. In Nisbet, N. (Ed.) Australian Voice, 10. Bowen Hills: Australian Academic Press.
  • The Human Voice is the Axis of Life | Sharon's interview with Dr Dan on YouTube
  • The Kaleidoscope Voice | Blog Posts
  • Glengrove Studio Instagram Page
  • Glengrove Studio Facebook Page

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