I had heard many great things about Sharon Tree, and let me tell you, they are all true! I am now genuinely enjoying singing and I am now very keen to continue to develop and do a lot more of it.

Martin Searles

Jenna Roberts

Public Servant

Sharon is such an intuitive, gentle and supportive teacher of singing, who really knows how to meet you where you’re at. She’s incredibly knowledgeable about both the physiology and the psychology of singing, which has been a big feature in my lessons – Sharon continues to help me enormously with managing nerves and performance anxiety, and in helping me find my own voice (quite an eye-opening and emotional experience!) I’ve recommended Sharon to so many people, and I’m very happy I found her!

Ruby Larsen

Full-time Student

Sharon is an incredible mentor, through Mrs Tree I have gained an insight and knowledge into different areas of the voice, specifically learning how to take care of my voice and use it to the best of my ability. Mrs Tree pushes me (in the best possible way) to achieve things that I wouldn’t dare to do (AMEB exams). Having someone who genuinely cares and has a passion for music and teaching is such a gift not only to my life but to my journey as a musician.

Peter Dark


I’ve been going to Sharon since we met when she was MD for Sunset Boulevard and I was playing the role of Max von Mayerling. I can say that of all the teachers I’ve experienced, Sharon is right up there with the very best. She is supportive and empathetic, technically skilled, perceptive about my vocal strengths and weaknesses, and absolutely gets results.”

Lainie Hart

Clinical Neuropsychologist and Actor

Sharon has helped me prepare for auditions and roles, supported me through drama school, and been an important part of my creative life and identity. Sharon has tremendous dedication to her students, creates a safe place to sing, and brings her considerable skills, training, resources and expertise to her teaching. My relationship with my singing voice is complex and evolving, and my lessons with Sharon have been empowering and helped me find new ways to use my voice. Sharon has a great interest in the psychology of the singing voice, which also interests me as an actor, singer, person and psychologist. I highly value my lessons with Sharon and recommend training at Glengrove Studio!

Jarrad West

Artistic Director - Everyman Theatre

Growing up working in the theatre and training in musical theatre I’ve had many singing teachers over the years – however working with Sharon for the last four years has been the most musically freeing and professionally satisfying thing I’ve done. She enables me to bring the actor to the fore when performing a song but is constantly watching and assessing how I can improve my technique and free my body to enable a better sound and a deeper connection to the lyrics I’m singing. Whether for professional development or performance practice or just ‘let’s sing a new song today’. I know I can always rely on her to have my back as my vocal coach and trainer.

Isaac Gordon

Business Development Manager, Music Theatre Performer, Youth Theatre Coach

My time with Sharon has been both challenging and rewarding. As a teacher, Sharon quickly found and analysed my strengths and weaknesses but furthermore broke down what style of pedagogy works best for me. She is able to identify the technical issues that we find together through our lessons; explain and relate them in a way that makes sense, and offer multiple tools to overcome them, from both the physiological and psychological perspective of the instrument. Despite many years and vocal coaches in my history, I feel my growth as a performer has increased rapidly since working with Sharon and couldn’t recommend anyone more dedicated to your individual development!


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