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Customised tuition and training


Unlimited cancellations when advised 24+ hours ahead of the appointment

Discounted package options, which can be used anytime within a twelve-month period

Regular or randomised appointment options

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Sharon is such an intuitive, gentle and supportive teacher of singing, who really knows how to meet you where you’re at…I’m very happy I found her!

Jenna Roberts


Some singers are at the beginning of their vocal journey and will spend more time in the Singing Tuition zone. Others will find that their Glengrove Studio session often embraces elements of more than one lesson style.

Singing Tuition

  • Building the voice from the ground up, including technical, warm up, vocal health, practice and musicianship tools
  • Artistic and performance skill development
  • Repertoire formation
  • Goal setting practicalities

Vocal Coaching

  • Suitable for people with established and reliable vocal technique or careers
  • Trouble-shooting technical difficulties, style demands or illness management
  • Repertoire selection
  • Audition preparation
  • Management of voice for professional scenarios
  • Technique tune-ups

Performance Coaching

  • Building a toolkit of strategies for achieving performance goals
  • Management of performance anxiety
  • Adapting to changing performance scenarios
  • Personal temperament awareness How to work with other artists

Workshops & Presentations

  • Offered as a minimum 1-hour group booking
  • Covering topics customised to client needs, such as vocal health, how to warm up, building stamina, working as a team
  • Providing feedback at vocal, technical and dress rehearsals (terms available following consultation)


  • Repetiteur work for rehearsal, audition or performance preparation
  • Support for Musical Directors in cast vocal coaching

Delivery Modes

In a culture of technological growth and busy lifestyles, Glengrove Studio is committed to building flexible modes of tuition into its suite of services.

Face to Face is the traditional delivery mode. In-studio sessions offer a comprehensive facilitation of individual goals with the advantage of access to physical alignment coaching and live piano accompaniment.

Zoom sessions are available for all clients.  Online lessons facilitate opportunities sometimes missed in face to face lessons, and provide a good alternative to missing a lesson if the challenge of transportation or mild illness arises.  They are being regularly employed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Telephone consultation is available for some Vocal and Performance Coaching matters.

All delivery modes are charged at the same rates.

Fees / Length

From 1 January 2022 the Studio is switching to a rolling membership model. Please contact Sharon for full membership information.

35-minute sessions 


Great for:
  • Pre-teen clients
  • Achieving progress in the formation of vocal technique
  • Achieving gently-paced goals
50-minute sessions 


Great for:
  • One-off or fortnightly clients
  • Exam, audition, performance or role preparation
  • Performance coaching
  • Technique troubleshooting
  • Progressive repertoire planning
  • All goal types
Stand-Alone Lesson/ Coaching Session $95
Great for:
  • One-off vocal coaching
  • University students
  • Intensive preparation for looming goals
  • Vocal health/technical troubleshooting

Workshop or group rate/hour $150 (5 or more people)



Great for:

  • Achieving steady momentum and goal outcomes
  • Withstanding unforeseen cancellations or the interruptions of performing schedules


Great for:

  • Maintaining established and healthy vocal technique
  • People with developed practice routines and self-generating momentum


Great for:

  • Maintaining healthy technique via technical tune-ups
  • Intense preparation for auditions, roles or performances


Discovery Call

Want to know more about lessons at Glengrove Studio?  Let’s discuss whether our goals are compatible through a 20-minute discovery call via Zoom.

To book a Discovery Call, email Sharon on [email protected]

Payment methods

  • Credit card (autopay via Stripe)
  • Direct bank deposit


  • Primary and secondary school students attend lessons during school terms only, not during school holidays, unless by other arrangement.
  • Adult clients are welcome to attend lessons whenever the Studio is open.
  • There are no lessons on public holidays unless advised otherwise.
  • The singing lesson begins at the appointed time, not at the time the client arrives.

Please do not attend a lesson if you are too ill to sing or you are contagious.

Courteous Cancellations

  • When you notify the Studio in advance, there is no limit to the amount of lessons you may cancel without charge. Excessive cancellations are likely to compete with your vocal goals, though, so attendance frequency is monitored.
  • A minimum of 48 hours’ notice is required to cancel a lesson for free. If you know further in advance that you will be away, please advise the Studio.
  • Cancellations within 48 hours of the scheduled lesson are not eligible for a lesson swap.
  • Cancellations made earlier than 48 hours before the scheduled lesson are welcome to request a swap.  However, the Studio cannot guarantee that a swap to a different time will be possible.  Resources permitting, every effort will be made to help out.

Emergency Cancellations

  • Regrettably, all cancellations within 48 hours of a lesson are charged at the full fee.
  • A fair-go policy for clients exists and will be discussed at the first lesson.

At the Studio

  • The Studio is open for one-to-one lessons:
    • 12:00-7:30pm – Monday-Thursday
  • Glengrove Studio is located in Weston Creek. Out of peak-hour, it is approximately 5 minutes from the Tuggeranong Parkway via the Cotter Road exit, and 10 minutes from Woden. The nearest bus stop is a 3 minute walk.
  • The Studio is my home and enjoys the presence of one indoor cat. If you have an allergy, please discuss this at your first lesson.
  • On-street parking is readily available. Please do not park in our driveway or outside neighbours’ residences.
  • Please aim to arrive punctually for your lesson.
  • Every effort is made to run to time. Should your lesson need to start a couple of minutes late at no fault of your own, you will still receive your full lesson length.
  • Please be patient after ringing the doorbell. If you can hear music playing, please wait a moment.


I use the web-based booking system and student portal My Music Staff to manage lesson appointments.



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