What People
Are Saying

Danny Milosavljevic

Television Executive

Sharon has been my daughter’s singing coach for seven years. Her meticulous approach to correct vocal technique during the formative teen years has been outstanding. She is a professional triple threat… Competent, Caring, Creative. More than just a vocal coach, Sharon understands the end goal for each client and charts a path which carefully considers not only the technical journey but also the emotional roller coaster ahead for many young singers. It’s her holistic approach that sets Sharon apart from the rest.

Vivek Sharma

Professional Actor

Sharon is an amazing and supportive teacher. She has a toolkit of diverse exercises, and she uses this to tailor her approach to each student. She has taken a very holistic approach to our singing work, looking at the body and also the psychology of me as a singer; I never realized how closely the body and mind were connected to the voice!  I have started to increase my own awareness of how my body and mind affect my voice, which has been immensely empowering. Sharon regularly holds concerts and workshops, often in collaboration with other professionals. You won’t find a more dedicated teacher in Canberra.

Neil McLeod


Two years ago, I decided to undertake singing lessons to augment my acting skills. I asked around the acting fraternity and one (and only one) response came to my ears – Sharon Tree. Those approached used such terms as: highly skilled; nurturing; lovely personal interaction skills; encouraging; scaffolds/individualises your learning; sympathetic; explains technical/anatomical aspects of singing clearly; a constant learner herself; you’ll probably be on a waiting list as she’s very much in demand; go to Sharon, end of story. I have found all these to be true and am so grateful for the opportunity of learning from and with her.

Martin Searles

Lawyer and actor

One of the most wonderful things about my Shrek experience (role of Lord Farquaard) was that it prompted me to seek out the assistance of this extraordinary human. I had heard many great things about Sharon Tree and Glengrove Studio, and let me tell you, they are all true! I am now genuinely enjoying singing in a way that is unfamiliar to me, and I am now very keen to continue to develop and do a lot more of it. Thank you, Sharon Tree!

Robyn East

Education Assistant

Sharon has helped me relearn many things about my voice and how it can sound better. As an older person, she has helped me realise that there is still much potential to learn new and exciting genres of song and techniques for improvement. She takes a “holistic” approach to singing, stimulating the physical, mental and emotional aspects of vocal production which, in turn, influence how we sound.  She makes lessons fun and I love going.


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