Glengrove Studio’s position on the coronavirus epidemic is to take steps to prevent potential spread of the virus.  

We have a two-pronged strategy for this, listed below in order of our preference.

  1. Enjoy your singing lesson from home or work via Zoom, Facetime or Skype.
  2. If that is not practical, come to your singing lesson and go through our mandatory hygiene protocol (see below).

If neither of these work for you and you decide to cancel a lesson or two, we will understand your decision and not give away your regular booking.

However, please understand that the usual cancellation policy of 24 hours’ notice still applies – SO YOU MUST DECIDE EARLY WHICH OPTION YOU WILL TAKE (

This notice is not the place to replicate the excellent medico-scientific articles available.  However, we will say that we recognise that the singing studio is a potential incubation space for the spread of saliva/mucosal fluids.  Every sung note travels on expelled breath laden with your moisture (that’s even without a lip trill!).  

As you all know, Glengrove Studio is situated in the heart of our home.  Therefore, we have chosen to adopt the social distancing principle to reduce our chance of being a spreader or recipient, and thus protect the vulnerable in our community.


Zoom is a fabulous platform custom-built for online learning.  It is more stable than other platforms, from my small experience, and allows me to share resources with you on screen.  While your singing lesson will be different, it will be a rich opportunity for us to delve into your voice and understanding in a fresh way.   Even now I am compiling lists of things we can do to make the lesson rewarding.

There will inevitably be some settling time as I improve my ease of use of this teaching mode, but if you’re patient we will ride into new possibilities together.  Haha!  How’s that for positive spin 😉


Please don’t take this personally – rather, see it is our way of assisting the containment of coronavirus.

You will be asked to:

  1. Bring your own drink bottle.
  2. Arrive only in time for your lesson, not wait in the lounge.
  3. Be prepared to be asked if you’ve been around anyone who is ill.
  4. Wait in the foyer, if necessary, while I clean commonly touched surfaces with antibacterial wipes (if there was a client straight before you.)
  5. Wash your hands in the bathroom with antibacterial soap and dry them thoroughly with paper towels.
  6. Accept my reminders to cough into a tissue.
  7. Accept a self-awareness lesson on how often you are touching your face.
  8. Take any of the plant-based recycled items you used with you for disposal.

Other studio measures include use of new rubbish bins with lids; a change to using plant-based drinking cups (with a lid for convenient straw phonation – wet or dry); the suspension of use of microphones; and the postponement of group activities that cannot be converted into a Zoom webinar (standby for individual updates to confirm these).

Please note that we do not have an adequate supply of hand sanitiser and so soap and water is the only option here.  We also believe the advice that soap and water is better than using hand sanitiser.


The Studio reserves the right to cancel your lesson and send you home if you are displaying uncontained or contagious symptoms.  While they may not be symptoms of coronavirus, we wish to also avoid spreading common viruses which can reduce immunity overall.

Please do not come to an in-studio lesson if have any of the following symptoms:


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